Ju-An Hsieh (b. 1990, Taiwan) is based on Amsterdam. She is interested in natural and social phenomenon. There is a phenomenological gaze throughout her projects. As a maker, she uses various medium, including photography, film and sound design.



In the work When You Arrive, the artist addresses to ephemeral soap bubbles
and takes a series of photographs of them. The seemingly frozen status,
however, never really exists. What the artist records is a glimpse into the
continuous stream of time - a frame of life that disappears while it is about to emerge.

Air flows.
Water evaporates.
Bubbles change, rapidly.

A ‘fact’ captured by camera is nothing
but a void, an illusion interpretable
from different perspectives.

The project in collaboration with Taiwanese artist Jih-Jung Hsu.








This work was created in March 2020, during the worldwide
coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Most European countries
locked down their cities to prevent it from spreading.
Citizens couldn’t go outdoors, they can only kill their time
by chatting online.

The artist who stayed in the Netherlands during this tough
time, with the help of a psychic, had remote dialogues with
trees and forests.  In these invisible and unprovable dialogues,
the artist tried to listen to the life experiences of plants so as
to perceive the world from the perspective of forests.

Dialogue 13'14" from Ju-An Hsieh on Vimeo.

The Wind

The artist traces movements of plants in the wind with dots,
and then transfers the drawing to music software to create
musical notes and synthesised sound effects. In this way,
the artist explores new possibilities of making music, while
she discovers how sound can show the essence of wind

This work leads the artist to contemplate the issues she often
encounters while living in the Netherlands: what is Nature in a
real sense? will the nature of Nature change because of human